At Synergy Construction Group, we are experts in challenging, difficult and technical projects, delivering them on schedule and under budget to the delight of our clients.

We deliver intelligent design, together with quality builds, on a smart budget to change how you interact with your home, workplace or investment.
If you have a project in mind contact us to start the realisation of your plans.

We will work with you to understand your concept, specify your requirements and formulate your budgets. After consultation and research, we will compile a detailed project proposal including scopes of works and inclusions, make recommendations for consultant teams (if required) and detailed project programmes.

Synergy Construction Group is different from your average construction company. We deliver challenging, difficult and highly technical projects on-time and under budget and to specific requirements that inspire and delight our clients from start to finish.

Our expertise ranges from new builds and upgrades across the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, made complicated by site location & access, design & materials, and existing conditions. We have a track record of delivering to tight timelines, on problematic sites, and even in situations where operations need to continue while construction work takes place.

We are able to deliver excellence because we start with the end in mind. The Synergy Construction Group difference is that our multi-disciplinary team specialises in intelligent improvements, pro-actively thinking through all elements of the design, pre-empting issues and identifying solutions in advance, and providing effective project management and construction works. We review our client’s requirements and assist with ideas to improve and maximise the return on their investment.

The Synergy Construction Group difference is our genuine interest and passion in understanding how our clients will use the building once it is completed.