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Bayview facelift for a home with a view

This substantial home was built 20 years ago on a large block with commanding views of Pittwater.  The home’s key features include a grand curving staircase, a lift to all three floors, and a full height glass alcove with stunning views.

Synergy Construction Group’s brief was to modernise and upgrade it throughout.  The scope included turning the staircase from dangerous and non-compliant, to functional and stunning, install a lift shaft that would connect the home’s three floors, and extend the alcove to improve the internal views and sightlines.

We carried out some complex and demanding building works whilst the home was still occupied.  The job required extensive demolition and detailed construction works, plus the challenge of ensuring the structural additions did not impact the home’s expansive views.

We started with rebuilding the poorly constructed concrete staircase, stripping it back and re-levelling the steps, then cladding it in hand-cut, hand-shaped timber and a combination of render and plaster linings with minimal visible structural joints. From there, we moved to the lift shaft which required precision concrete demolition through two concrete floors connecting the once powder room, stairwell, and storeroom to create the shaft. With very tight dimensions to make it fit, many hours were spent making sure the construction was precise.

For the alcove, getting the extension just right, required smart architectural design ensuring clear sightlines up the bay, along with detailed construction work in the form of concrete slab extensions, supporting beams, glass panels and a copper roof.

Additional work took place around the family room fireplace with the flue rising through concrete flooring and weaving through existing rooms. Synergy Construction Group installed custom joinery throughout. New glass doors were added to replace the existing timber windows using frameless glass doors and silk curtains.

“We bought a 20 year old house in a Tuscan Style. It was of very average quality in terms of build construction with windows that had small wooden frames…totally out of character.  We wanted to make the whole house to a similar modern standard and look and improve functionality of such things as a badly built concrete staircase that was unsafe for older people to use.  We also wanted to construct a snug as the main relaxing area central to the kitchen/living area and positioned to take full advantage of the view. Synergy have an exemptional builder as their leader and have built an enviable reputation for reliability and quality at a fair price.  We now have a well built  home of modern design where space has been used to optimise liveability and maximize the stunning view from nearly every living and bed room.  It is such pleasure to live in this remodelled home in a wonderful location that its hard to get excited about going away…to…anywhere.” …. Gerry (owner)

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