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Out with the old, in with the new

At this reconditioning plant, an old roof frame was on the verge of collapse and needed replacing.

This roof replacement project needed a carefully designed and executed project plan.

Value: $400,000

We worked over four weekends to replace one roof section at a time so our client experienced minimal disruption to their weekly workflow.

Each Friday our team shut one section of the Plant’s production line down at a time. We then deconstructed the existing roof cladding and frames.

Due to the Plant’s complexity, we were not able to construct a static scaffold to safely remove each section. Instead, we used a crane to bring the old frames to the ground where it was cut up and recycled.

While the roof structure itself was a simple steel frame with a metal deck roof, the success of the project was due to careful planning and safe, precise, execution.

This project was completed under budget and on time. All thanks to Synergy Construction Group’s past experience with complex roof removal projects, our strong teamwork and most of all our skilled construction team.

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