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Factory asbestos roof replacement: Villawood

A joint venture project that saw the replacement of 16,000 m2 of asbestos roof with a new metal roof over the entire manufacturing building.  The joint venture was guided by Synergy Construction Group (builder), AMP Capital (site owner) and VIP Packaging (tenant).

A high level of project management was required to ensure the safe removal of the Asbestos and installation of the new metal roof whilst keeping the factory floor near fully operational throughout the building period.

Operational coordination, extensive safety management, along with client/tenant and owner expectation management was key to the success of this project.

Value: $2.2m

This complex project required three months of planning and three months of preliminary construction work. Our team worked on concurrent weekends and completed the job without disrupting onsite operations by dividing the building into seven zones. For each zone, we took the following steps:

  • Cordoning off areas we then plastic wrapped all the internal fixtures, fittings, and equipment
  • Removed and disposed of the asbestos roof (using our licensed contractors)
  • Installed a new Zincalume roof, skylights, gutters, and flashings
  • Installed roof access and safety equipment
  • After quality checking the new roof covering we then cleaned and removed the plastic wrap from the zone
  • Zone commissioning including client walk through

Synergy Construction Group also designed and installed a compliant roof access and safety system that included anchor points and walkways. As part of the process, we engaged a qualified hygienist to undertake an overview and certification role with regards to the asbestos removal. This helped to ensure the works were completed to the highest safety standards.

By following strict systems and processes, Synergy Construction Group was able to complete this project under time and on budget. Works took place over a three month period so the site could continue to remain operational.

  • 64 Biloela Street, Villawood

    NSW 2163