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From defects to delights

We rebuilt what was once a tired old house and transformed it to a modern sanctuary.

This project was essentially a ground up rebuild from the inside out. Starting with extensive structural propping we demolished everything except for the ceiling and roof frame and the outside walls.

We realised from the initial discussions with our client that the house held sentimental significance and that she was looking for a very particular finish.

Using that knowledge, we set to designing her home with a modern feel whilst still retaining the key features from the past.

Nothing in the old house was built well, with floors undulating, walls bowed and twisted, and ceilings sagging and out of level. The construction required was significant, with lots of structural propping and demolition, essentially just leaving the outside shell of the roof frame and the external brickwork. Everything else was rebuilt or reset, from the footings all the way to the ridge.

Not only did we transform the inside, but we also gave the outside a much-needed boost. The dark driveway, timber cladding, and Colorbond roof create a unique look that’s a stand out in the street.

We are very proud of this build and cannot be happier for what is, and always will be, one of our favourite clients.

“Renovating (essentially rebuilding a house) that was utterly decrepit had its challenges and was obviously very stressful. When something went sideways, I could always count on Synergy Construction Group to make it right without me having to be on top of them. And while I was pretty decisive in terms of what I wanted, Synergy knew when to step in to stop me making a design decision I might regret. Alex also knows his colours which was helpful as I am super pedantic about what colours I like and will work. Honestly, I feel I got very lucky with Synergy Construction Group. Their patience knows no limits – I should know because I tested it. The team’s commitment to quality was outstanding and they were all great to work with. The end result is exactly what I wanted. The home works for me but it also exudes quality. Everyone that comes in remarks on the quality of the build and the finishes.” …. Owner

  • Northern Beaches, Sydney