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Class 8 Clean Room

For 20 years, Cinqplast has been providing innovative packaging technologies – extrusion blow moulding, injection moulding and injection stretch blow moulding for pharmaceutical, personal care, household, industrial, and food markets. Cinqplast Plastop Australia is proudly ISO9001 accredited hence quality is of the highest importance. For this new project, they required expert Project Management and that is why they chose to work with Synergy Construction Group.

In 2020, Cinqplast commissioned with us to project management the design, construction, installation and certification of its new Class 8 cleanroom facility. Liaising diligently with 16 subcontracting trades and 7 professional services, we delivered the project 3 weeks earlier than the 20 week timeframe.




Value: $1.5m

The building is divided into three distinct zones: 

Clean Room – for Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVS) to collect product packed carbon fibre crates by case packers, Plant Room – containing a 3.2 tonne gantry crane, 4 Aoki’s and 3 injection moulders.

Garment/Material Transfer Room – where goods and personell move between unclean and clean zones

The building has a 992 m2 footprint, including 443 m2 of plant room and 374 m2 of cleanroom with nearly 1000m2 of epoxy flooring in around it. It  has a Class 8 compliant non-laminar HEPA filtration and air conditioning system, which we are proud to say passed the air leakage test with a 99% pressure seal at 10 Pa.

Synergy Construction Group managed the design and construction of the Cinqplast Class 8 Cleanroom from concept to completion. Our services covered the retention, brief, and consultation of specialised professional services, through to the construction and subsequent handover of the building.