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Plan, Design, Construct!

Contact our multi-skilled team to plan, design, manage and build your next construction project. The specialists at Synergy Construction Group provide an end to end range of services. With a cross-section of talented team members, we are able to provide support across each stage of your construction project. We engage only the very best professional services and trades throughout the project.


  • Feasibility Reports

    Formal documented feasibility reports based on findings, indicating if the project is financially and/or operationally viable.

  • Site Limitations

    Highlighting any limitations of the proposed project on that particular site due to council and building regulations.

  • Statutory Requirements

    Reporting all required compliance related tasks that need to be considered for the project.

  • Indicative Project Costs

    A high-level construction cost for the project based on square meter rates and site conditions.


  • Architectural

    We liaise with architects, in both residential and commercial/industrial space to provide design solutions at all stages including planning, design and construction for your project.

  • Interior Design

    We work with interior designers to provide the best possible outcomes for any given space.


  • Engage the best consultants in NSW to provide the optimal solutions.

    Having worked with numerous consultants, we can provide the consultancy in all specialities including Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Electrical and Security/Fire.

Planning & Approvals

  • Development Applications

    We will help you in gathering all documentation and with design works to submit development applications with council for approval.

  • Complying Development Certificates

    We engage the services of council or a private certifier throughout the planning and construction process on your behalf.

  • Construction Certificates

    We obtain construction certificates for your projects to commence construction works.

Residential Construction

  • New Builds

    We are construction capable in building an entirely new home (including knock-down-rebuilds) from start to finish.

  • Renovations

    We specialise in difficult renovations and provide you with the exact look and finish that you specify.

  • Additions & Alterations

    Building each space to your desired outcome, we can complete your ‘additions & alterations’ project to your requirements.

Commercial Construction

  • Upgrades

    Providing you with the best use of space, both internally and externally (structural or non-structural) for your commercial property.  This includes refurbishments and fit-outs to small works and rectification works.

  • Make-good

    We can help you carry out the process of repairing and bringing the building back to a finish standard or restoring to its previous condition.

Industrial construction

  • Upgrades

    Our speciality is to upgrade any area, internal or external to increase operational efficiency, providing added overall productivity.

  • Make-good

    We work on industrial warehouses, depots and other premises to return the facilities back in its original condition.

  • Compliance Upgrades

    Upgrading any area of a site to ensure it meets the relevant standard building codes and compliance.

Project Management

  • Cost/Budget Management

    Estimating, allocating, and controlling the costs of the project to allow forecasting of expenses and keep within budget.

  • Trades Management

    Managing all aspects of a trade activity to ensure the works are executed in an efficient and effective manner while minimising risks.

  • Building & Construction Works Management

    Oversee the planning, design and construction of the entire project efficiently, collaboratively and effectively.

  • Completion & Certifications

    We obtain all installation, completion and compliance certificates for the project from various trades and ensure authorities provide you with occupation certificates as needed.